Dear Seniors,

As you start to eye these college applications, I realize we are asking something of you that is evermore challenging.  We are asking you to look to the future, and to look to it with hope.  We are asking you to, from the confines of a room you have rarely left since March, fill out forms that promise what you will study, offer, and do outside those walls – and at places you may never have seen.  Someone needs to admit it, so I will: this is a bit absurd.

Nevertheless, I beg of you: proceed with faith.  Write your words with hope.  Use this absurdity as an opportunity.  Don’t let this chaos deprive you of the very real possibility that a year from now our current circumstances will feel like a distant memory.  Look to the potential of your life…and then write those darn essays and fill out those forms.  Think of each section completed as the ultimate act of faith – you’re applying for (and believing in) a different life that really does lie ahead.