who is flourish?

we are a team of experts with backgrounds in the worlds of education, journalism, theatre, and writing who have decades of experience helping students apply to school. In short, we are storytellers who have fallen in love with the experiences, ideas, and perspectives of our fellow humans.

How do you know what works?

Decades of experience with a diversity of applicants has given us a tremendous amount of insight into what works in a college application (check out where our awesome students have gone to school!). We not only know what admissions representatives want; we know how to help you find your version of it.

Why flourish?

So we’ve looked around the internet. We’ve even worked for other companies.
We’ve read about Aunt Becky.
We seek to be different.
Junior and senior years are already stressful.
Planning for college is already stressful.
We believe applying to college doesn’t have to be.
We believe it might even be joyful. Cathartic.

We actually care. We invest in our students. We respect our students.
We’re here to help you present your best self. We don’t do formulaic anything.
We do bespoke coaching to support your unique, authentic voice
and identity as a college applicant.

what will this cost me/my parents?

We have an unchanging hourly rate. We don’t do packages. We’re not here to lock you into a program that’s too much or too little. You’re an individual (isn’t that what you’ll be explaining to schools?), so your plan is going to look different from your peers’ and from that of any other student we’ve worked with before. One rate for the amount of time you need. Unlike so much else in this world, you know what you’re getting into here.

Unsure of what you need or can afford? Please contact us!
Schedule an absolutely free 20 minute consultation with us.
We’ll answer your questions, you can get to know us, and we’ll see if we can help.

We also don’t have levels of collaborators.

We also don’t have levels of collaborators. What’s up with that? We think that if we are helping you through some of the most important pieces of writing of your life up to now, we should all be masters and you shouldn’t be wondering if you’re getting someone lesser because you didn’t pay more. Boo. All our collaborators work with students at the same rate. This way, if one member of our team thinks another is better suited to assist with some aspect of your application, we’re not charging you extra for it. We’re all on the same team. Team You Getting to the College or Colleges of Your Dreams. (Very difficult to make t-shirts for the team, but we’re OK with that.)

A million thank yous to you. You were so instrumental in my daughter’s growth in more ways than you could ever know, and we are incredibly grateful.
– Parvati D.

You really worked magic with our son. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!
– David M.